CZECH ART portret | Danubiana}

20 Years After...

10. January 2010 - 07. March 2010 Curators: Adam Hoffmeister, Libor Gronský

In recent years, the Danubiana has staged several broadly designed international projects, one of them being the exhibition of Czech art. A comprehensive exhibition of contemporary Czech art was not held in Bratislava in the last twenty years. The twentieth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which also became the symbol of creative freedom, provided a stimulus for this show. The exhibition was conceived by the well-known Millennium Gallery which made a selection from contemporary Czech art, showing a representative sample of contemporary younger and older middle-age generation artists. Its main protagonists, some of them former members of the famous group Tvrdohlaví (The Stubborn), introduced postmodernist principles into artistic creation in the 1980s. They represent the key figures of new Czech art. The exhibition presented renowned artists such as Jiří Sopko, Michael Rittstein, František Skála, Vladimír Kokolia, Stefan Milkov, Boris Jirků, David Černý, Michal Cihlář, Jaroslav Róna, Jasan Zoubek and Vladimír Merta. Most of them are concerned with expressive forms of figuration. In the 1980s they introduced the postmodernist aesthetic into Czech art and many of them have pursued post-conceptual strategies, Action art and Performance art. The exhibition greatly contributed towards the further development of cultural contacts between our countries.