LUKAC portret | Danubiana}

Botanical Dream

23. June 2001 - 07. September 2001 Curator: Ľudovít Petránsky Jr.

Although Milan Lukáč is used to welding pieces of iron, he has a highly developed feeling for line. The exhibition presented him as a sculptor, but he also prefers drawing and graphic art. The collection of works from that period was aptly called Botanical Dream. He has been enchanted by the world of nature, flowers, blades of grass, swarming insects and all winged creatures and has a fascination for the water element and the world of botanical atlases. Lukáč endowed the various species displayed in his work with imagination, recreating them into artworks. Seeking an adequate art form, he employed his skills as a sculptor and draughtsman. His sculptural concept exploits the heritage of Pop art object. Assemblage objects are combined with various welded materials, particularly pieces of scrap metal, exploiting linear structures derived from his drawing skills. Botanical dreams executed in various materials or paper show delicate natural forms animated in bronze and metal objects, prints and reliefs. Because of resourcefulness and an ingenious play of forms replete with humour and exaggeration, the works border on surrealist vision. Lukáč’s oeuvre is an excellent example of combining two principles: the integration of sculpture with space, the penetration of material into the immaterial, and his ability to abstract shape in a pure linear form.