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14. September 2019 - 27. October 2019 Curator: Thomas Emmerling

Looking at the art by Alena Adamikova, we can find out lines of nowadays rare stability in her work. First of all she is painting portraits, naturalistic, with strong contrasts in color and structure. It gives a certain mystic atmosphere to her works, which makes her one of the remarkable contemporary surrealist painters. Never the less, in the last 10 years of work, Alena Adamikova is reflecting roots. Through all her works the question is running “Can my children discover the world as I discovered it?” She describes life perceived in a mystic way, where fairytales are becoming reality. It seems that there is always a hidden secret in her work, the secret of security of the family which is in danger to get lost nowadays in a society of increasing individuality and loneliness.
Alena Adamikova has the seldom talent, to bring certain figures like the romantic lonely wanderer of Caspar David Friedrich, the magic of the Spanish Baroque painting, especially by Diego Velasquez and the aesthetic of renaissance, especially of Raffaell Santi into a timeless contemporary surrounding and keep the mysterious narrative, even combine it with the knowledge of C.G. Jung in her seria “Infanta” as Beata Jablonska describes.
The exhibition shows her main bodies of work as “A journey home”, “Face enigma”, “Story tellers” and “Little Giants”. In this way, the both are visible, artistic development and sustainability in the work of Alena Adamikova. The exhibition included the circle “Infanta” which had been very well received outside Slovakia during exhibitions in Dresden and Sibiu in 2017 and 2018.
The works of Alena Adamikova are a timeless invitation to reflect our own roots and childhood, and to remember how the world outside formed our personal fairytales.