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Celebrating Ilavský

09. September 2014 - 05. December 2015 Curator: Vincent Polakovič

Svetozár Ilavský has been designated the most distinguished representative of his generation since he began to pursue his artistic path. Spontaneous painting expression, combination of var­ious approaches and techniques, and particularly the synthesis of other media – music, light, movement and sound – have become the do­main of his artistic expression. He is one of the first multimedia artists. As a trained musician and composer he also composes music. His artistic expression was aptly conveyed in the cycle Pleonasm. The variety of form and content and multilayered internal differentiation continues in the project Satori in Cífer created for the Danubiana. An ’experiment to create the self-portrait of a free-lance artist’ is the artist’s statement about himself. He addresses persistent problems by raising trivial questions related to the present. To create his artistic vision, Ilavský drew on his own art history, developing the questions of ’pleonasm’ in an inspiring way.