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Déjà vu

04. December 2010 - 06. March 2011

Vladimír Popovič was born in Vysoká nad Uhom in Eastern Slovakia in 1939 and he spent his childhood in the regions of Zamagurie and Spiš. It was still the period of the ‚Golden Sixties‘ when he finished his studies in Bratislava and Prague, and he was able to create works from crumpled paper, assemblage and even actions – paper was accepted as an equivalent creative material.
Thus he had an opportunity to work on the film ‚Celebration in the Botanical Garden‘ with the director Elo Havetta without any constraints, to direct the ‚theatre of images‘ and evenings of poetry with young poets and to advocate the inseparable association between words, images and music… The 1970s period, which he fortunately overcame thanks to his spontaneous Gestural painting, was followed by the Orwellian 1980s with the grey paintings of‚ concrete sonatas‘ and angry ironic drawings engraved into paint.
After 1989 he was discovered and recognised by art history. As an excellent painter he was invited to teach at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and ran the Multimedia Studio for seventeen years. The artist lives and works in Bratislava. His pictures can be found in Slovak and foreign galleries and private collections.