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United by Colours

06. December 2003 - 05. March 2004 Curator: Vladimír Beskid

Alexej Vojtášek was trained by the well-known graphic artist Albín Brunovský; hence his confidence in drawing and the refined treatment of line. Graphic art became the pillar of his work in other areas. He currently works in three disciplines: painting, graphic art and sculpture. It is difficult to determine which of them has a dominant position; he has achieved comparable results in all three disciplines. The title of the exhibition suggests the artist’s preference for painting. However, he interprets the meaning of this collocation symbolically. Although colours unite, every artist and historical period treats colours differently. Vojtášek travels in time, using the symbolism of his paintings, evoking the cultural layers on which new concepts are based. He acknowledges borrowings from classical antiquity, the Renaissance and the decorativeness of fin de siècle, evolving them into a new system of signs. The symbolism of his idiom oscillates between the stylised figure and geometric codes derived from quadrangular and pyramidal forms. He further treats colour surfaces, adding linear elements, signs, references to scriptural records and painting structures. Relief surfaces of paintings, impasto, sand and metal parts refer to sculpture, another area of his work. His sculptures are delicate objects made from brass, stone and granite penetrated by streams of air and light.


The painter, graphic artist and illustrator, academic painter Mr. Alexej Vojtashek enters to the art scene in the begining of the 80-th years of the 20-th century. As a student of the Art University where he has studied at the Section of Free Graphic Arts and Illustrations, by his art expressions and his talent, he caught attention of the world famous pedagogue – professor Albin Brunovsky. Perfect sketch and deepen study of the graphic language of Mr. Vojtashek has been expressed in front of all in his illustrated works, where the artist participates as the graduate of the graphic atelier. He works there to present times. By his illustrations he opens the children world of fantasy, he comes nearer the long distant countries magic beings of fairy reatm, he verifies adventure exciting expeditions into interesting book tales and actions. In his art expression Mr. Vojtashek proves his masterly art resource which he intensifies his colour media. With his great mastery he shows art world of heroes from novels, prose or poetry.
Significant phenomenon of Mr. Vojtashek´s art expression is the graphic. He performs his immediate contact from the reality lines to the brilliant clear geometry elements, where the main sign is the symbol. The archetyp (origins) of his art expression, is the representative of his heritage of the old cultures and civilisations. It ´s the expression of his huge spirit richness, which he leaves to future generations. The depth of his philosophical profundity is in the author´s communication with the prehistory cultures, thanks what his artefacts show their meditative fluid and magic symbolism. The interpretation of the free graphic art works is underlined by the rich coloured scale, which reaches the compactibility of the depicted pictures.
The inheritance of the old cultures show the pictures of the author´s present art work. His works are realised by the combined technology, they gradually come from abstraction to the sign simplicity expression, to the figure compositions and they are variable. In Mr. Vojtashek philosophical understanding they are like in the insuperable circulation of life and living. His latest art works invite us to the world full of imaginations, myths and legends. They invite us to the myths Atlantics, of which the inheritance he explains us. Colourful works are sensitive, but in the same time they´re contrasting and provocative. The composition and the symbolism of their meanings the artefacts moves to the meditation limit. It urges us to think and cogitate, not only to visual cosumpiton.
At the graphics and paintings Mr. Vojtashek experiments with the chamber plastics art, where also the symbol dominates. By the art language, combination of various kinds of materials /wood – metal, limestfone – brass, brass – marble/ the artist makes archetypal plastics, in which he uses geometry elements to finish author´s declaration. Brilliant performance of his plastics resonates with Mr Vojtashek philosopical- aesthetical and meditative – emotional nature of the author´s intention.