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Hadal of my aquarium

10. September 2022 - 23. October 2022

“At the moment I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later and thus we don't have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.”

Virginia Woolf

The title of the exhibition is based on emotions experienced in a surreal space. Hadál môjho akvária (Hadal of My Aquarium) is a place which represents the connection of the aquarium with the deepest ocean bottom. Hadal is a zone where no one has reached. Private ocean trenches inaccessible to other human beings. A place at the deepest ocean bottom, which is located under the surface of an apartment aquarium. I format time that has disappeared, which I’m looking for and finding, into an abstract medium representing the feeling of security. Learned, trodden and decoded matter. I create situations which through visual forms depict current context. Collage in space. Pictures as objects, objects in pictures. Liquid stones and firm waves. Shapes of memories which haven’t been complete for a long time. Beat-up, damaged fragments formed by time. I submerge into the depth of the great water, into an analysis of transparency, into an understanding of transformation, a grasping of uncertainty and chaos. The water has evaporated and now it is ice which is pounded by the surging wave. I’m looking for freedom. I want all of us to feel it. I’m painting time, I’m stopping it, I’m making up reality, because often the real thing doesn’t fulfill me. I bend the picture despite its limits. I run into the edge which I want to swim under. But I cannot swim that well. So, I climb over it. I sit down on the carpet and knead clay. I spend the night in the tent and I am not afraid. A fictitious goal is just a step behind me. I’m on my way somewhere and I’m looking for my home. I’m looking for lost time, I replace it with an oval shape. I don’t want to remember myself. I want to remember myself.


Rita Koszorús (*1989 Bratislava) began her fine art studies at the Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts in Bratislava. Then from 2008 to 2014 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, first at the Free Printmaking Studio and later at the Department of Painting under the guidance of prof. Daniel Fischer. In 2013 she completed her internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest under the guidance of Imre Bukta. She has also participated in residencies in Berlin, Paris, Porto and Budapest. She actively presents her works at solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad and has been a four-time finalist in the Maľba roka (Painting of the Year) competition and once in the Nadácia Novum (Novum Foundation) competition. In 2021 she won first prize in the VÚB bank’s Maľba roka competition. Rita Koszorús is represented by the VILTIN gallery in Budapest. Her works can be found in private and gallery collections.