DANUBE BIENALE 2 portret | Danubiana}


10. December 2011 - 29. February 2012 International exhibition of young artists from the Danube countries
Curator: Eva Trojanová

With the first Danube Biennale held in 2009, the Danubiana established itself as one of the cultural centres promoting international cooperation in the area of artistic creation.
The organisers realise that the development of young art creates new possibilities for drawing fresh stimuli and for appreciating inspiring cultural traditions in situ, particularly in Central Europe. The Danube Biennale is the only international project on the Slovak art scene providing an opportunity to compare the development of contemporary art. This year’s event will present the most inspiring contributions to contemporary artistic development in the participating countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldavia. Young artists up to the age of 35 are invited to present their paintings, sculptures and prints. The current movement on the art scene enables the organisers to focus on the work of young artists. Unburdened by aesthetics and ideology, they express fresh views on the relationship between art and reality.

Eva Trojanová