MLENEK portret | Danubiana}


15. September 2013 - 30. December 2013

In the titles of his exhibitions, Mlenek again and again addresses the theme of the line. The names associate the line with spirit, space, dynamic, the architecture of gestures, the function of the drawing, the intelligence of the hand, linear dynamism, etc. When weighing the gods Apollo vs. Dionysus, one side of the scale leans more towards the Dionysian. Mlenek is imbued with this drive to make art. It gives him the energy to create an extensive production in diverse series, each of which is dedicated to a single theme. The energy consumed seems to leave the artist unimpressed, the drive to produce and create being pronounced.
Historically, Mlenek can be associated with the art worlds of mannerism (the slanted surface for observing the world), alchemy (the unrecognized changes in nature), garden art (as exemplified by Bomarzo), with the dreams of fantasizing and constructing landscapes – but not with the history of historical painting or landscape painting. The idea of a garden of the senses or of philosophy, of politics, a refuge, of protection, options and life wisdom is also in the background of Mlenek’s art. He prefers to combine the magic of a place and its design with history. The self-referential artwork does not interest him. The explosions of the lines grow out of the art of the last centuries but at the same time they reach beyond it.

Dieter Ronte


Born 30 May 1949 in Wiener Neustadt. He has worked in Vienna and Lower Austria as a freelance artist. He is a member of the Viennese Künstlerhaus. Since 1978 he has exhibited in Austria and abroad. He has received numerous prizes, scholarships and gained recognition.