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03. July 2019 - 08. September 2019 Curator: Kristína Kubáňová

Audiences frequently perceive Petra’s work on two levels – one is full of merry illustrations which we know from books and magazines, and the second is found in the world of Instagrams. The visuality of her Instagram sketches directly react to moments of the experienced, similar to the photos of many users of this network. The format only enhances the impression of photography – Petra uses classic Polaroid dimensions, but she captures her shots manually using alcohol-based markers which add a peculiar edge. Her repertoire of drawings is diverse – starting with intimate family moments up to reactions to events which shake our society in some way. And thus we can encounter Petra’s smiling daughters as well as Ján and Martina, who in one shot symbolically no longer look at this world.

Capturing an ephemeral moment is a good way to describe the most distinctive feature of her work. We find snapshots of everydayness in free drawings inspired by real life, as well as illustrations, where the inspiration comes from the fantasy world of literary texts. She frequently focuses on the carefree world of children full of games and entertainment, but also permanent discoveries.

Petra Lukovicsová’s illustrations are in perpetual motion. She has nuanced her individual drawing style by years of hard work. Her style, which features a distinctive, mostly black line and subsequent coloring in bright and contrasting shades, is so clear and recognizable that it can’t get lost in any medium, either analogue or digital. She hones her drawing skills every day, thanks to which she offers us a view of the world through her sensitive eyes and hand.

Kristína Kubáňová


Petra Lukovicsová is a freelance illustrator and a mother of two. From 1996 to 2000 she studied toy design at the Secondary School of Applied Arts and Design in Kremnica. She has always enjoyed creating and drawing, and she works with illustrations with growing frequency. She prefers classic analogue drawing combined with digital techniques, but she can easily handle vectors as well.
She has illustrated several books. Among others, Jana Hoffstädter’s Cesta na svet / The Journey to This World, which shows young readers the truth about their arrival in the world, and her own book City v city / Feelings in a City, which is full of interesting inter-linguistic homonyms. She regularly provides illustrations for the Slovak children’s magazines Slniečko and Bublina.