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On the Edge of Time

06. September 2022 - 23. October 2022 Curator: Eva Trojanová

In the past two decades, developments on the domestic art scene have led to an intensive turn toward painting, the language of which acquires power and importance. Within this framework the theme of landscape offers a revitalization of transcendental thoughts and an emotional impact on people. Today, landscape is more important than ever before, not only in terms of the ecology of the environment, but also the ecology of emotional values. The paintings of Kristína Mésároš have brought noteworthy results. She is an intensive observer of nature and surrounding life which forms the basis of her artwork. And her fundamental approach to work is emotional, founded on stories. They are like fragments of a kaleidoscope of life which operate as impulses for painting. As a result, her paintings act as if on their own, because “stories” are not the essence, but they end up behind the painting as the completion of the synthesis of lived, seen experiences and painting imagination. Landscape as a natural space which humans are only a small part of, but which they respect and honor, has become dominant in her work. She is not afraid to reach for neo-romanticizing artistic means, through echoes of Art Nouveau and imaginative incentives of modernity. The motifs of her stories, frequently comprising series of paintings, are based on specific activities. They are not outlined as dynamic, dramatic situations, but rather as snapshots of recordings escaping reality. This impression is also underlined by the presence of figurative motifs. A figure, frequently alone or absent, deserted boats and mysterious huts signalize the unnecessariness of contact. The character of lonely satisfaction and mysterious peace are suggested by suspended time as a space for deliberations on the existence that surrounds us. A kind of “Pictorial Minimalism” depicting peace with a question mark. Seemingly nice landscapes frequently hide discrepancies of the individual existence of a person and the environment she inhabits.


Kristína Mésároš was born in Veľká Mača in 1981. She completed her studies at the Studio of Color and Experimental Printmaking of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2006 under doc. Vojtech Kolenčík. Her decision to focus on painting was influenced by her internship at LASALLE College of Arts in Singapore in 2009. Her subsequent PhD work which she defended in 2014, was affected by the exotic environment and life spent in Bali. Landscape and water elements which frame figurative motifs have become the main themes of her work. She developed her own characteristic and identifiable style based on the structural abundance of working with color. In addition to painting, she is involved in drawing, printmaking and illustration. She also participates in international workshops and art fairs (Lendava Slovenia, Monteacuto delle Alpi, Italy, Turves, France, Strabag Artaward International, Austria and others). She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and regularly prepares solo exhibitions at home and abroad. She lives and works in Scharndorf, Austria.