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Keeping Above Water!

21. June 2022 - 04. September 2022 Curator: Martin Dostál

David Hanvald, a painter and a patriot of the Czech town of Liberec is one of the key figures of the middle generation of Czech art. He specializes in re-interpretations of various construction templates and artwork of Modernist visual art movements, in both 2D and 3D. He also plays with classical wooden building blocks for children, transforms philosophical-aesthetic maxims, visualizes semantic notions and plays a gestural theater of text images. Hanvald’s distinctive colors, which work on a controlled accident strategy, support his painting, which is always based on a well thought out “abstract” concept. His transformed and variously mixed modernist aesthetics steeped in equally postmodernist principles of deconstruction and construction and conceptual techniques, play a key role. He designs every exhibition for a specific space and this is also the case of the “above the water” Danubiana. The combination of physical characteristics of the space and its mental dispositions given by the uniqueness of the venue and the windows on the Danube waters have guided the artist and curator to a relatively radical exhibition gesture, which is his quintessential artistic approach.

Martin Dostál


DAVID HANVALD (*1.12.1980, Liberec)
2003 - 2009 Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, doc. Stanislav Diviš and MgA. Aldin Popaja of the Painting Studio
2021 - White in White, Vokno, Liberec; 2020 - Without Retouch, Gallery of Fine Arts in Cheb; 2019 - The Junkspace, Kaplička Gallery, Jablonec nad Nisou; 2018 - This art is not a stereotype, Moon Gallery, Liberec; 2017 - Ztráta ohniska osvobodí oko!, Galerie města Blanska; 2016 - Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna; 2014 - You cannot copy the handwriting!, Dole Gallery, Ostrava.
2021 - A Dance of Lines and Colors, Ján Koniarek Gallery, Trnava; 2018 - Who is the Victor? GVUO, Ostrava; 2017 - Painting Rediscovery, The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Przemyśl; 2016 - Pod Ještědem, Galerie am Domhof, Zwickau; 2013 - Contour, House of Art, Brno.
David Hanvald has participated in various Czech symposiums. His artwork can be found in international galleries and private collections. He lives and works in Liberec.

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