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New Cipár

13. March 2010 - 13. June 2010 Curator: Eva Trojanová

On the occasion of his birthday celebrations, the latest work of Miroslav Cipár came as a big surprise. He exhibited large wooden objects, assemblages, paintings and a selection from his series of drawings. An exceptionally active, inventive and sophisticated artist, Cipár has been successfully engaged in a wide range of artistic activities since the 1960s. Apart from painting, drawing, sculpture and graphic art, he is concerned with book illustration, animated film, graphic design and monumental outdoor sculptures and objects. This versatile artist is a master of painting and expresses his view accordingly. Cipár is regarded as an accomplished master of line, an excellent draughtsman and artist with fertile imagination. He uses his inborn sense of the qualities of line in all areas of his work, exploiting its potential for the interpretation of the simplified form. Lightness and freedom of artistic creation, planar decorativeness of picture composition, brilliant and vibrant colours logically associate him with the painting culture of Ľudovít Fulla, the classic of Slovak Modernism. His distinctive and dynamic painting develops towards a purified robust form. Colouristic qualities, gestural painting, spontaneous treatment of calligraphic signs and amazing versatility rank Miroslav Cipár among the leading protagonists of contemporary Slovak painting.