Analogy of the Present

08. September 2001 - 08. December 2001 Curator: Agency Miškov – Uličný – Weber

The paintings of Tommaso Cascella with their nuanced and subtle colour surfaces are regarded as intui­tive geometry. They are not figurative, nor do they represent expressive abstraction. Yet they are not even precisely calculated. Their balanced shapes and colours, suggesting the world beyond the picture, veiled in mystery, are captivating. The paintings burst with magic inner energy, forcing the viewers to pause and reflect. They are serene but disturbing.
The work of Enzo Esposito is associated with the Nuovi-nuovi group representing a postmodernist
stream of Italian art. After a conceptual period, he returned to painting and figuration in the 1980s. Critics refer to his work as “significant abstraction”. Working in the spirit of post-informalism, Esposito sticks to his paintings pieces of wood, metal and glass. To achieve spatiality, he has created a system of rectangular verticals.
Armando Fettolini treats material rather than colour and shape. He rejects the forms associated with the objective conceptions of our world. Fettolini is one of those artists who use sober media. Colour is reduced to non-colour and form is concentrated into inner expression. His Listening Bodies perceive the pains of the world, bearing their stamps in their memory. Fettolini’s paintings are a mysterious skin of the world, wrinkled and cracked, scarred for life.