BOJNANSKY portret | Danubiana}

Paintings - Sculptures

25. November 2007 - 09. March 2008 Curator: Ľudovít Petránsky Jr.

The difference between space and surface is irrelevant to Viťo Bojňanský. He creates sculptures and three-dimensional objects and paints mosaics of his visions with playful ease. In the creative process he perceives sculpture and painting as equal media enabling him to express his artistic views. He moves naturally between space and surface, being familiar with the terrain. Yet there is something specific about his work. While the majority of artists proceed from surface to space, Bojňanský chose a different approach. As a sculptor he attempts the most challenging process – to create and modify spatial qualities on the surface. He prefers natural materials, wood and stone, combining them with
metal. Seeking the proper expression, he adds another element – colour. The sculpture is conceived as an open dynamic perforated form communicating with space. The sculptural body is rippled, corresponding to the treatment of surface, contrast of structures and lustre. In his latest bronze sculptures he focused on the minimalist expression derived from geometric shapes. The language of geometric symbols is expressed in rich composition arrangements. The iconographic patterns of sculptures and paintings have a common basis. The difference in the treatment of similar motifs in painting and sculpture reflects the artist’s ability to exploit the potential of the medium.