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A Split Second in Time

17. October 2023 - 10. December 2023 Curator: Laco Teren

Táňa Hojčová is actually a theater photographer. Although she photographs the sky and its physical and optical phenomena, she stages a theater full of dramatic twists and unpredictable outcomes. What is up is also down and vice versa. The universe is in a grain of sand. Faces are the universe, everything that has happened and will happen are written in them. And we, who wear them, only complement the director's intention of the actors' performance on stage. The theater is called the Globe and the piece is called Life. The place and time have been determined and the movement prescribed, as in Kabuki theater. The place is Earth and the time is elastic. And photography captures the elasticity of split seconds that become ages until they cross the horizon of the event somewhere in eternal eternity. If you look at a person in a portrait, do you see them or yourself? Do you see the present or the past? Everyone likes to look at people's portraits; a portrait is a mirror of time, in it we see both what we have gained and what we have lost. And when the photographer is attentive, and Táňa Hojčová is, she notices the special glow between the outside and the inside. How we appear to ourselves and others and the light that we are. It's just a matter of aperture and exposure. Photography is drawing with light, or better to say with shadow. Here’s a quick tour of the exhibition. Dušan Dušek in his Zimohrádok, Joska Skalník releasing clouds, Lucia Šípošová, the cabaret queen, Kornel Feldváry, the bookworm in his Labyrinth, Daniel Brunovský, the painter in his studio, Milan Čorba meeting himself, Emília, the flower woman, Peter Uličný, the sad poet, Viliam Klimáček in his theater of memory, Martin Huba, Mária Hlavajová at the Venice Biennale, always a moment of poetry with Mirka Ábelová, Juraj Benetín, the architect, Pavel Daněk, the blue eyed musician with the super ability to do Jazz, director Martin Hollý, Nina Gogálová, as Femme Fatale, composer Majlo Štefánik in his studio, Csongor Kassai, as Pierrot in civilian clothes, Kristína Farkašová and company, poet Jiří Olič, Petr Nikl, twice as painter and musician and much more, František Skála, partly sacral, Andy Hryc ,as Selim Pasha, Juliana Mrvová and her Flowers, Martin Štrba and Ďuro Johanides in Colmar, Vidiek, the band, in Rovinka by a pigsty, avid reader Marián Varga, Ugo Rondinone, American artist of Swiss origin, dear friend, sculptor Stefan Milkov, as Gandalf, Jaroslav Róna and David Vávra partially leaning, Danglár in his home studio, Roman Luknár smoking, Ady Hajdu grieving that the exhibition is already over. And once again.


Táňa Hojčová was born in 1961 in Detva. After finishing elementary school, she moved in with her grandparents in Bratislava, where she entered the Secondary Art School, majoring in photography. After her graduation and a one-year internship as a film photographer at Koliba, she was accepted to the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she studied in the Department of Photography under Professor Šmok, graduating in 1987. Starting in 1980, she also worked for the Children's Theater in Trnava. Since 1992, she has worked as a commercial photographer. She has always devoted herself to her art photography and has had large solo exhibitions in Bratislava, Prague, Dolný Kubín, Žilina, Nové Zámky, Washington, Paris, Budapest and Warsaw, among others. She lives and works in Bratislava.