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Desire for Intimacy

05. October 2021 - 28. November 2021 Curator: Dr. phil. Penesta Dika

“I want to understand what it means to be human,” says Ejupi—her complete oeuvre seems to revolve around this central question of our existence. The painted world that results is intimate and emotional, provocative and challenging, but also uncanny and mysterious. The young artist has already developed an unmistakeable visual language for exploring herself and the human condition. The themes—the pleasures and burdens of corporeality and sexuality, the beauty and pain of age and decay—are as old as humankind. The painting technique testifies to expertise and precision, but also an openness for artistic experiments (for instance, the elaborate use of sand as a painting material). Ejupi’s painting invents an own reality, condenses the real world; or more precisely, it is a daring venture to fathom the hidden essence of a body or face and lend it artistic form. (1)

In her latest series of works „Desire for Intimacy“ of 2020, couples are shown to enjoy intercourse, the series emphasizes on silhouettes and lacks details. Colors have become softer compared to previous works; the love and passion for couples has not faded, in fact, it has become stronger, more sensual, deeper, more thoughtful and even more meaningful to the artist. Expressivity known from Albanas’ earlier work has given way to a deep and more intense moment of intimacy. Current expressiveness fades, that of longevity deepens. (2)

1: From Günther Oberhollenzer „Massy Bodies, Enquiring Faces, and Sexual Beings - The Gripping and Merciless Human Portraits of Albana Ejupi“
2: From Penesta Dika „Albana Ejupi’s nudes and love couples deal with sexuality and the challenge of isolation“


born 1994, in Pristina / Kosovo
2012 – 2017 Academy of Fine Arts, Pristina
2017 – 2018 Master degree, Pristina
2018 – 2021 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Lives and works in Vienna / Austria